One Goal: A Pure Planet

The sustainable plastic revolution has arrived.
While you may not know what polypropylene plastic is, you use it every day. It mostly goes unrecycled, often ending up in our oceans and environment - and you can help fix the cycle.

Our Impact

PureCycle views plastic waste as a renewable resource.

Using our ground-breaking patented recycling process, we separate color, odor, and impurities from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into ultra-pure recycled (UPR) resin. 

PureCycle converts polypropylene plastic waste (designated as No.5 plastic) into like-new plastic. This process helps close the loop on the reuse of recycled plastics while making recycled polypropylene more accessible at scale to companies desiring to use a sustainable, recycled resin.

PureZero™ Program
PureZero™ Program
is the first zero plastic waste program for sports and entertainment.
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In 2015,
PureCycle obtains license from Procter & Gamble to commercialize patent recycling technology.
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In 2021,
PureCycle is listed on the Nasdaq capital market under the ticker symbol PCT.
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In 2023,
PureCycle's first purification facility in Ironton, Ohio produces first pellets.
Our Approach

Creating a circular economy for plastics.

Our game-changing process helps close the loop on plastic waste while making recycled plastics more accessible at scale.

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Join us in a revolutionary and proprietary cost-effective method to recycle waste polypropylene to virgin-like resin.

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One goal: A pure planet.
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Mission: Revolutionize plastic waste into renewable resource.
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Vision: An infinitely sustainable planet.
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Action: At PureCycle we transform polypropylene plastic into a versatile, replenishable resource through our process. Our ultra-pure recycled plastic can be recycled and reused multiple times, changing our relationship with plastic.
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