Who We Are

PureCycle is revolutionizing recycled polypropylene into a renewable resource through our unprecedented purification process.

PureCycle Team
Our Mission

We are revolutionizing plastic waste into a renewable resource.

PureCycle team

We are PureCycle and we’re changing the game when it comes to plastic waste. You may not know what polypropylene (PP) plastic is, but you use it every day, and it mostly goes unrecycled, often ending up in our oceans and environment. Just look for the No. 5 recycling symbol. At PureCycle, we transform that plastic into a versatile, replenishable resource through our unprecedented purification process. We want to change how you view and use plastic. It can be a renewable resource that can be used multiple times.

Plastic recycling has been around for decades, but traditional mechanical recycling methods have resulted in limited use applications and tend to have unpleasant odors, unreliable performance, and limited colors. PureCycle offers the only ground-breaking, patented process for recycling polypropylene that separates color, odor, and other contaminants from plastic waste to transform it into ultra-pure recycled resin. This process helps close the loop on plastic waste while making recycled plastics more accessible at scale.

How We Do It

We are an eco-conscious and sustainable company.

PureCycle uses a purification process that does not generate a chemical reaction to create a like-new recycled plastic. Initial lifecycle analysis estimates that PureCycle’s process uses less energy to recycle existing waste than the energy required to create first-use plastic, making PureCycled plastic an eco-conscious and sustainable product. Simply put: We collect, sort, and shred recycled plastic. We purify it. We produce pellets. We create plastic 2.0.

Our technology is robust, and demand far exceeds supply, as evidenced by premium pricing that characterizes all recent offtake agreements. Visit our process page for full details on the seven main stages of producing pellets with our polypropylene plastic recycling technology.

Our Process
PureCycle purification machine and workers

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