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Reach your highest sustainability goals with PureZero™

Reach your highest sustainability goals with PureZero™.The PureZero™ program transforms No. 5 plastic waste found at event venues, campuses, retail and office headquarters into a more sustainable material. Our recycled resin is ready to be used multiple times, making PureCycle your team for taking on the plastic crisis.

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PureZero Program™

The first zero plastic waste program for sports, hospitality, schools and offices.

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Turning plastic waste into a sustainable material.

Why PureCycle is different.

We’re PureCycle, and we’re changing the game when it comes to plastic waste. You may not know what polypropylene plastic is, but you use it every day, and it mostly goes unrecycled, often ending up in our oceans and environment. PureCycle uses a game-changing, patented technology that can remove contaminants, colors, and odors from polypropylene plastic waste (designated as No. 5 plastic) and transform that plastic waste into an ultra-pure plastic resin that can be used multiple times. At PureCycle, we want to transform plastic waste into a sustainable material. We want to change how you view and use plastic. The PureCycle era of plastic is here - PureCycle, a revolutionary process that changes everything.

Why you want us on your team.

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The PureZero™ Program is a good fit for venues, airports, hotels or office buildings. We adjust the program to your specific needs. Sign up to get your business into PureCycle's PureZero™ program!

Your sustainability partner.

PureCycle will be your exclusive sustainability partner and resident sustainability expert. There are multiple ways we do this. PureCycle will advise you on what plastic products to use, where to buy those products, how much should be bought to achieve overall sustainability goals and how plastic waste should be collected. The goal is to not only achieve a zero waste footprint, but a PureZero™ goal that creates a truly circular economy for plastics at your organization.

Closing the loop.

PureCycle’s PureZero™ program allows for plastic recyclables to be recycled into ultra-pure recycled resin that can be reused by the original manufacturer to reproduce the same product multiple times. For example, a plastic cup at your office can be recycled back into an ultra-pure recycled material that becomes another cup next year. This is 100% closed loop circularity.

Close The Loop
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This is 100% closed loop circularity.
PureZero Program™

Join our team in building relationships within the communities.

Engage the community.

PureCycle is committed to building relationships within our communities. As such, we will work with you to identify sustainability or recycling organizations to collaborate with on PureCycle’s PureZero™ program. We will work with you to identify volunteer-focused opportunities to engage the community (local community cleanups and post-game cleanups around tailgating areas) and tap into these organizations’ volunteer power to help with education and outreach efforts.

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Each initiative will include a full public relations campaign.

Educate the community.

PureCycle will work with you to create and launch an education campaign aimed at raising awareness for PureCycle’s PureZero™ program and your organization’s efforts to tackle the plastic waste crisis. The campaign will also seek to engage customers or employees on recycling No. 5 plastic waste. Each initiative will include a full public relations campaign and can include print advertising, marketing experiences and digital media advertising targeting your audience

Take The Initiative
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Superior life cycle assessment.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a standardized, science-based tool used to assess lifetime environmental impact. LCA takes into consideration all the steps that lead from raw material through manufacturing, distribution and usage to final disposal. Understanding lifetime impacts is critical to achieving carbon neutral and net-zero carbon emissions. Being apart of PureCycle’s PureZero™ program helps you achieve a superior status when it comes to LCA.

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Work with the waste collection team.

PureCycle already has deep partnerships with a diverse group of waste management companies across the United States and around the world. We know how to work with your waste management team to streamline the recycling process and allow for a successful team effort in the collection, hauling, cleaning and sorting of your recyclable waste.

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Helping companies across the United States and around the world.
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