Join our team as we work toward our goal of a pure planet! Change plastic: Change the world.

Our Mission

Revolutionize plastic waste into a renewable source.

Our Vision

An infinitely sustainable planet.

Our Action

At PureCycle we transform polypropylene plastic into a versatile, replenish-able resource through our unique purification process. Our ultra-pure plastic can be recycled and reused multiple times, changing our relationship with plastic.

PureCycle team
Our Values

We are an eco-conscious and sustainable company.

1. Safety Leads, Results Follow
From desks to hard hats, safety is the foundation for everything we do.

2. Be Curious, Be Creative, Think BIG
Create extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems.

3. Integrity is Required
Our moral standards and ethics are the foundation of our character.   

4. Leave Ego at The Door
The best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime.  
5. Bias for Action

Challenge the status quo to thrive and continuously improve.

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PureCycle Awards

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