PureCycle Holds Annual ‘Pure Planet Day’

PureCycle Technologies, Inc. holds its annual company-wide ‘Pure Planet Day’ of volunteering in Orlando, FL and Ironton, OH.

PureCycle Holds Annual ‘Pure Planet Day’
Oct 12, 2023

Orlando, Florida – PureCycle Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCT) held its annual company-wide ‘Pure Planet Day’ of volunteering today in Orlando, FL and Ironton, OH. PureCycle team members from the Orlando area worked together with members of Keep Orlando Beautiful to clean up waste materials at Lake Lorna Doone Park. In Ironton, the PureCycle team cleaned up roadside solid and plastic waste near PureCycle’s flagship recycling facility.  

“We’re proud to continue our annual ‘Pure Planet Day’ tradition with our clean-up events both in Ironton and in Orlando alongside our amazing partners at Keep Orlando Beautiful. Days of service, such as our ‘Pure Planet Day’, are crucial to being good neighbors in our local communities,” said PureCycle Chief Sustainability Officer Tamsin Ettefagh. “By encouraging our team members to volunteer locally, we are contributing to the preservation of our communities as we continue to spread the culture of sustainability.”

In both 2021 and 2022, PureCycle’s Ironton team members participated in ‘Pure Planet Day’ through extensive roadside and waterway waste removal. The polypropylene plastic that was collected on those days has since been recycled at the Ironton facility. Last year, the Orlando PureCycle team assisted Millenia Gardens Elementary with the construction of their on-campus greenhouse that is now actively used in sustainability education for students.  


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PureCycle Technologies LLC., a subsidiary of PureCycle Technologies, Inc., holds a global license for the only patented solvent-driven purification recycling technology, developed by The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), that is designed to transform polypropylene plastic waste (designated as No. 5 plastic) into a continuously renewable resource. The unique purification process removes color, odor, and other impurities from No. 5 plastic waste resulting in an ultra-pure recycled (UPR) plastic that can be recycled and reused multiple times, changing our relationship with plastic. www.purecycle.com